An Introductory of Sorts

Hello all you wonderful people!  Thanks for visiting my site, that’s pretty swell of you.  (Side note: last time you used the word swell?)

You can think of this blog as a giant story.  A story about me.  A story about my life.  A story about…poop.  Poop?  Gross!  Well, as I’ve always said, (and what I mean by that is I’ve probably said it once or twice in my life) “you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do!”

So bear with me as I tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of my life.  It’ll be fun, I promise!  Just buckle up folks and hold on to your hats and glasses.  ‘Cuz this here’s gonna be a wild ride!

Hm.  Can you tell I’ve been to Disney Land a few times in my life?  (Props to those of you who actually could by that last part.)



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What are you doing here?

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The Start of my Crafting Phase

Lately I’ve been Ms. CraftyMcGee over here!  I’m always finding new and unique projects to try out.  I found these duct tape shoes I made about a year ago.  Duct tape, craft foam, cardboard, and a little creativity!  BOOM, you’ve got shoes!


They aren’t very durable but they are comfy.  It’s also fun to say, “HEY LOOK!  I made these shoes myself out of duct tape!”

Along with the nifty duct tape shoes, I found an insane number of pens, pencils, markers, and crayons.  I noticed some were Harry Potter Scented Markers which would mean they were probably from 6th grade.  So what did that mean?  MARKER TESTING TIME!  I was lacking ideas of crafts to start and figured coloring would be a great way to begin my crafting.


It was fun, and a majority of those 6th grade markers do, in fact, work.

Since then I’ve been trying chain maille, homemade cheese fondue, duct tape flower bouquets , making my own jewelry, and these will someday turn into a really cool basket made of newspaper.  (Click here for instructions on how to do it yourself!)

Stay tuned for more creative craftiness from yours truly!


P. S. Got a craft idea to share with me?  I’d LOVE to hear it via comment/email!

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Straw Hats are Delicious

So for my birthday this year I hosted a Hawaiian luau.  It was a blast completed with coconut bras, grass skirts, and straw hats from the dollar store.  I spent the most I’ve ever spent at a dollar store (between $50-$60) but everyone got to be completely decked out in luau attire and the decorations were awesome.

After the party I decided that I wanted to keep the decorations and fancy dollar store attire in case I ever decided to throw another luau.  I spent a little too much on everything to just throw/give it away.

My life and possessions are a semi-organized mess right now and I recently noticed there was a straw hat sitting on a DVD rack.  But there was something else interacting with the hat…my cat.  Her name is Piper and she hates you.  She is very anti-stranger though, so don’t take it personally.  So what was Piper doing with it you ask?  Why she was EATING IT of course!

Um, gross?

So deciding that I didn’t want to be the one discovering the straw infested pile of cat vomit, I shushed her away and told her no.

Maybe straw=addictive for cats?

She couldn’t resist!  She hopped right back up there and started gnawing away on it again!

After several more attempts of shushing, I realized how cute/strange/slightly obnoxious this situation was.  So what did I do?  I took the hat, put it on the bed, and photographed her nibbling the hat.


Piper and her fine dining experience.

I can hear exactly what the boy toy would say to this post:

“See hon?  We don’t even need to have kids!  We have Piper to annoy us and chew on things she’s not supposed to!”


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Moving and Mother-in-Laws


The big move is OVER!

All of our junk crap valuables stuff was shoved into a UHaul and taken off to the wonderful paradise of:

…my fiancé’s mom’s home.

(Note: I think if this blog post were a horror movie, NOW would be the time where someone important would cue scary music.)

It’s the first move, and it’s not permanent.  Our lease expired June 30th (The apartment complex wouldn’t allow us to add one more month…ugh!) and the new place we’ll be getting won’t be ready until mid-July/August 1st.  So, with an extra month between leases, we’ll be keeping good ‘ole MIL company.

It’s not all that bad I suppose.  I mean, I definitely don’t mind sharing a twin bed with Mike.  Cozy, right?  And the lack of privacy?  That’s nothing!  Just because we’re sharing a room with Mike’s twin brother and his girlfriend doesn’t mean we won’t get alone time!  Of course, I never mind if his mother decides to come in the room right after I drift off to sleep and try to discuss things with me.  Ask me a million times if I mind that the next month of my life will be spent wondering which random person put what random possession of mine where.  I betcha I’ll tell you I don’t mind at all.  Oh, and if the MIL ends up taking my luggage on a biking trip, using all my shampoo and conditioner, and nabbing a few of my shirts in the process…

I’ll just love it.


P.S. I do hope you’re all getting to know me well enough to notice this post was dripping with sarcasm.  For those who didn’t notice, check your feet.  There may be a puddle of dripped sarcasm by your feet.

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Spa Night

I’m a girly girl.  Makeup, glitz, glam…I love it!  If given the option between a spa day and a day of hiking, I’d definitely choose the spa.  So of course I was beyond thrilled when I was given the opportunity to host a spa party for my younger sisters and their friend.

First off, there’s Missa.  Her name is actually Melissa but when she was a very itty bitty wee one she couldn’t pronounce “Melissa” and it came out “Missa”.  The name stuck.  She’s nine years old with an attitude of a 14 year old, but I love her.

Then, meet Sam.  Full name: Samuel.  He is (believe it or not) a boy.  I give him props.  It’s his choice how long he wants his hair.  He knows people call him a girl.  And yet, he doesn’t care.  What an amazing kid that he can have so much confidence at only seven years old.

Last is Kenna.  Her full name is Makenna.  It’s spelled that way because my mother didn’t want to name her child “McKenna” and have people thinking of various McDonald’s food items.  She’s a peanut.  Probably the smallest five year old I’ve ever seen.  She’s the only one of my siblings that even looks a tad bit like me.  I can tell her personality is going to be a lot like mine too.  Good thing?  Bad thing?  Hm…


We started off the night decorating shirts (as you saw in the pictures above) with puff paint.  Tons and tons of puff paint.  Then came the flip flops!  We had ribbon, feather boas, rhinestones, and foam cut outs to decorate our plain, solid-colored flip flops.  The feather boas were a hit and I tied little bows out of ribbons to put in the center.  (Sam didn’t participate in this too much but he did take it upon himself to grab some markers and color a white pair of flip flops with scribbles.  Yes, he wears them.  Yes, they make his feet colorful.  Yes, he loves it.)

P6140445Kenna, Missa’s friend Courtney, and Missa
decorating shoes.

Then it was time to set the crafts aside and have Sam become my little helper.  He helped me prepare the foot soaks, grab wet washcloths, and his favorite part?  Getting to use my camera and video camera to take pictures and video of whatever he wanted.  Ahhhhh, yes.  Nothing like blurry pictures of a puff paint stain on the carpet and another picture of a lamp to take up space on my computer.  But what do I know?  Maybe he’ll become a famous photographer someday and these will be a few of his famous photos?

Getting back on track, the real spa part of the spa party!

P6140462The girls soaking their feet in a relaxing foot soak with facial
masks and steaming washcloths on their faces.

What pampered little princesses!  This post here is the reason I sometimes wish I had an older sister.  Although, it makes me feel pretty awesome to be known as the coolest big sister in the world (heehee).

I massaged them, scrubbed the dead skin off their feet, trimmed/filed their nails and I think the girls were very excited about the end product.

P6140494All done!  The toe spacers were too big for Kenna and she
was a little sad.  Pink with a purple french tip
and a glitter topcoat of course!

All in all, it was a very fun evening.  They got to stay up WAY too late but it was fun.  The night ended with lotsa popcorn and giggles.  🙂

Also: did anyone notice all the girls had matching boxers?  I got all of us (including me!) some cheap-o boxers to match our decorated shirts.


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Dogs Love Poop

Found this post from December 13th, 2008.  I had been working at the daycare for about a month and had just started nannying for the family I just said goodbye to.  Here’s a little story about dogs, poop, and the joys of being a childcare worker!

So I was watching children today and I’ve been helping to potty train this little boy. He’ll pee in his potty, but that’s it. So I was watching him and he’s playing on the computer in the other room. I frequently poke my head in and asked him if he needs to use the potty but he just replies “nodankou!” I put his little brother down for a nap and decided I should check on the other boy again. I walk in and ask if he has to use the potty and he says yes! Oh yay, I am thrilled!


I think what he meant was that he already went? He gets up from his chair and I take one look at his pants.


So I take him upstairs to the changing area of the home and tell him to stay standing. I didn’t want to just leave poopy clothes in the poor family’s hamper so I decided to go get a bag. I told the boy to wait right there and not move (something he’s perfectly capable of doing). I get halfway up the stairs and he’s relocated to the top of the stairs, pants down, laying on his stomach. He mumbled something about laying down to help me. While adorable, caused much more mess. Because he pulled his pants down it got all over his legs. But then I look at the carpet and see poop all over the carpet. He had it on his socks! I have no idea how it got onto his socks, and there was quite a large amount on them.

I tell him to get up and walk back to the changing station. We undress him and I decide this will be easier if he leans over a chair.

Now let’s pause this story to add a little detail.

This family has a dog. Very old, very obnoxious. It follows you everywhere and doesn’t care what you’re doing-it will sit on you. Oh, you’re holding a baby? That’s okay! I’ll just sit on the baby too! I hate this dog. It does nothing but get in the way.

Let’s resume the story now, shall we?

So I’m wiping off the kid. He’s got poop all over his back and butt. Yeah, it’s messy but I don’t mind it too much. All in a days work.

But wait, why did I bring up the dog?

Guess who comes up and decides they’re going to be loveydovey? That’s right, the dog. I stand up to get another wipe, turn back around towards the kid, and see the dog. Oh so delightfully licking the kids butt.


Now the boy has this look on his face like “no no doggy, please stop licking me” which made me glad that he didn’t freak out or something. (I would freak out if a dog started licking my ass! Um, excuse me? NO.) So I’m trying to push this dog away and it does not care. I shove it (fairly hard) after a while and it won’t go away! So gross and so annoying!!! Finally I push it and get in it’s way too much. The dog started sniffing around and realized it could just lick the carpet. Um, yay?

So that was my eventful story. I’m doing quite well today. I’m getting a cold which makes this the 4th sickness I’ve gotten since working at the daycare. Erg. I’ve only been working there a month! Gee I love kids 🙂


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Goodbye Nanny Nici

Sorry it’s been forever folks!  My lack of creativity lately has been terrible.  I promise to never leave you hanging like this again.

I recently had my last day as a nanny for a family.  I knew this day was coming as the mother is a school teacher and won’t need care during the summer, but I didn’t think it would be so sad!  The boys were 1 and 3, and there was also an older boy (age 12) that I didn’t watch but got to know a bit.

I think the hardest part was leaving the 1 year old.  I started watching them when he was 10 months and saw him start to take his first steps.  I made his first birthday cake.  I sang him to sleep when he was sick.  I gritted my teeth while his were (painfully) coming in.  I saw him go from a crawling infant to a walking, almost talking toddler.  It’s bittersweet.  We both impacted each others lives so much, but he won’t even remember me.

I can’t spend time being sad about it.  I need to be grateful and happy that I worked for such a great family and received valuable experience as well as lifetime friends.


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